show #150

10/26/09 @ Monster House, Columbus OH

Rage Against The Cage (outside)


Bat Rider


Rage Against the Cage performed in between our house and the neighbors house. It is a place students and partiers cut through. Many have peed there. A kid dumped out our recyclables and stole our trash can for a keg from there. Grass does not grow there but glass and cigarette butts seem too. Instead of the usual  8, Rage performed as a 2 piece. They smoked and leaned against the wall, swiggin’ cheap beer and grumbling their acappella crud rock anthems.

The Pharmacy are from Seattle. They’re like The Beatles on a constant sugar high. They sound like they sniff Pixie sticks. Rough on the edges with invitingly sweet, spacey melodies. They are like kindergartners; Austin had to break them up at 4am from a weed smoke and booze jam session in our basement practice room.

We were lucky enough to host Bat Rider from New Zealand. They played sparse, poignant and noisy grunge. A tension was always present in the music. Sometimes it was relieved and sometimes it was just built on more and more. It was mostly mid-tempo with growled and howled female vocals. The bass mostly did repetitive low end riffs, rhythmic and pace setting. The drums stayed steady; nothing flashy. The guitar playing was unique in that she chose droning notes and discordant distorted hums to fill out the songs. The playing was dark tempered and kept my attention. Good people to stay up late with too.

Troy got a concussion during our set. He is tall, lanky, and top heavy. Never pick up a person with the aforementioned physical attributes from below the knees; he will topple. He managed to clunk his head on our cement floor mid song. I guess he puked later on in the night. We must have played well for such a thing to happen.

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