show # 151

10/30/09 @ 205 Duncan, Columbus OH


Heath Deadger

5 mins. Of Locusta

This was a party. Kegs and costumes. Wild behavior getting wilder. I was cross dressed in a little shorty dress and in make up with pulled back hair. I called the costume “sexy.” I thoroughly enjoyed applying the make up. I thoroughly enjoyed how I felt on my bike in no pants. Maryn was dressed as “The Ramones.” Not just one; all of them. If someone asked, she had to say, “I’m The Fuckin’ Ramones,” or just count, “UNTWUTHREEFAW.”

Heath Deadger was dressed as Star Wars characters. Mickey encouraged raging during their set so my roomie David accidentally decided to pull down a massive chunk of the ceiling that hyper-under-sexed boys decided to pummel to pieces.

Later, I made out with Troy who was dressed as Princess Leah. He is actually a good kisser, though I don’t want to think about that mouth of his and where it’s been. Later, Later… Mickey walked me all the way home, Duncan to W. 10th Ave., in a Darth Vader outfit and pig tails. Her cape dripped with freezing cold rain as Columbus’ costumed drunks passed us by. I felt amazing. Maryn was behind us smoking a soggy cigarrette. I reflect fondly on this night. I always will.

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