show # 154

11/6/09 SKYLAB, Columbus OH

Royce Icon-

Local noise kid spazzing out to loops and jumbled beats coming out of a bass amp. He hit his knees in front the amp like it was an idol he was worshiping. One time I saw him perform at Legion and he was pummeling himself in the crotch with the microphone. I was worried for his physical and mental health.

DJ Dog Dick-

Baltimore, electro sex sounds, layered with harsh noise ventures and deconstructed pop.


Posi-peace dance punk. Techno influenced, industrial influenced. It was like watching an inspiring hardcore band from the 80’s that you could dance (the real kind of dancing) to.


My second time seeing the titans of noise drama.

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  1. Ryan, dude, this is an awesome review. best ive got so far!

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