show #155

11/10/09 @ Monster House, Columbus OH

Vacation –

is punk-pop from Cincinnati. I imagine they rehearse like how they play; everything turned up; getting really into it; jumping around a little practice space and pulling each other’s plugs and knocking over cymbals. Their set was fun and teeming with the energy of punk songs that probably just naturally fell out; like an immediate reaction. Fast and full of whoas!

Mayday –

A Buffalo band that probably gains punkness from frigid winters and general decay of the city they live in. Their sound was late 70’s punk influenced and also kinda riffy and surfy. Lots of sneer to it. Fun punk you can move too. Female vocals all over the place and angry.

Chin up Merriwether –

is a queer positive band from Olympia, WA. Their t-shirts have two punk boys making out on a bedroom floor. They are pop-punk influenced but their sound goes beyond that with more technical noodling work on guitar and bass. The drums break out of the square 4-4 punk beat too, adding rhythmic variety. The vocals are unwieldy and elastic. They were up for two-wheel adventures around the city to enjoy beautiful weather. In the kitchen, helping with dinner, their guitarist and singer told me about being at the G20 Summit (Meeting of big bankers and corporate scum!) in Pittsburgh. He went to help with protests. He went with Missoula, MT’s radical cooking group to feed protesters. He ended up having multiple run ins with cops. He was removed from places the group tried to sleep at unlawfully, detained unlawfully, and eventually had to testify against Pittsburgh police in court. His belief that capitalism is corrupt, along with it’s authoratarian agents was solidified. It’s a scary thing to realize.

Warm Hands –

a local band, dark electro pop, for fans of Depeche Mode or any self depricating romantic darkness.

Ginger Fetus –

John Also Bennet. Wild man. Experimental noise adventurer. Wrapped in an American flag wearing sunglasses. Bold. Brave. Distorted. Artistically entrancing. 

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