show # 156

11/12/09 @ Fairchild Chapel, Oberlin OH

Max Stern

Saint Seneca

Letters To The Moon

We journeyed to Oberlin, OH; a short 30 minute drive from where I grew up. When I went there in high school, my Dad would say, “That’s always been a place of interesting people,” and I imagine he was aluding to the liberal arts vibe at it’s peak in the small Ohio town. We walked through Tappan Square to get soda and beer from Gibson’s. We made a stop for “Stinky Tots” (garlic covered tater tots) from The Feve, a great bar that everyone seems to go to. You can walk around the whole town, no problem.

The show took place in an old, beautiful chapel. A student and Cleveland area kid Josh, arranged the show for us. Students can request the space for musical use because the school owns it. He even hand screen printed posters for the show.  My friend Andy’s parents were married right where we would play. I consider Andy a close friend and kindred musical spirit. Playing there was a priveledge. The picture below displays the simple beauty of the room and should give an idea of what it sounded like. The guitar and vocals were naturally ampliphied. The sounds were softened with a circular and holy echo. It was actually more of a challenge to play with everything blurring together in a warm wave of organ-like sound.

I met some sweet people. Oberlin kids are from all over, rarley Ohio. It’s a pretty good school so if you go there, you are probably pretty intellegent. I was bummed we missed the annual safer-sex party, which to locals and students is thought of as just some party to attend or scoff at. I am amazed. A college supported revampt sex education week with a fun event at the end is something I could have used. Safe sex stuff is expensive too (i.e condoms). I wish I had received a real sex ed. I should have gone to Oberlin, despite the fact that my loans would have been three times more. Andy put us up for the night at his apartment. We listened to Green Day hard and talked about Sam Cooke.

The next day in town was pleasant flannel weather. The sun was out and filling us up. We went out for breakfeast. I love Andy because he is full of wonder and he will get excited over simple, earthly things. You can stare at a tree with Andy and look at it and talk about it and reach out and touch it. Then he’ll make you look at it through his sunglasses to see some difference in color that amazes him. We walked through the arboretum with walking sticks pointing ahead. We threw neon-green monkey balls at trees and basked  in their bright explosions

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