show # 157, 158

11/13/09 @ The Soggy Dog


Black Wine

The Sidekicks


The turn out for Lemuria made me thankful I found a good wall spot. I was perched on a little bass amp, given a little extra height to see from. I like to at least see the tops of the heads of musicians playing to feel more connected. This is hard with Lemuria because Sheena is so short and Alex is buried in his drumming and singing duties.

They were phenomenal! I acted like I was going to be reserved when they played like; been there, done that… but I got all excited and had to move like it was my first time seeing them.  They have tightened up so much since the first time I saw them in 04′ and they confidently display their melancholy indie punk. They are lyrically, artistically, and musically consistent. They have it together in each realm and are more thoughtful and unique than most current bands. They are an envelope full of personal experience. When they sing it’s like being let in on a close friend’s secret history. I consider them a great band of my time.  Alex refused to take money from me for the new 7″ which has two very good new songs on it.

Black Wine has an ex-Ergs member and two ex-Hunchback members. The sound consisted of a few retro-pop qualities. They stayed pretty consistent in the mid-tempo. I could tap my toe the whole time and get hooked on some surprise melodies. For fans of Lemonheads, or the more polished Dinosaur Jr., or any 90’s indie punk that surfaced to the mainstream, but a little poppy-er; and not in an obnoxious way.

@ The Tower

New Creases

I thought I’d remember where The Tower was when I saw it, but David and I passed it twice. It had been awhile since that Tangled Lines show with all the fireworks, shit getting smashed, and kids acting out the depression and anxiety of the whole city in a scary scene. It had been awhile since the Defiance, Ohio show put the floorboards in danger. Plus, I can’t be trusted with directional memory. Third time driving by we saw ‘punk’ kids outside and then the old building sitting dark and barren. Tower lies just outside of Cleveland in the gritty shit.

I found out that Tower Kids in Cleveland love the New Creases demo. A group of kids fell around singing most the words passionately. They were pointing or throwing arms up at emphasized lines as if the speedy and riffy pop punk they were playing was actually the all-dudes-in pile on part of a hardcore song. I missed everyone except them. I hitched a ride back to Columbus as roadie and Co-pilot. I carried an amp and stayed awake; paid my dues so I wouldn’t have to pay for gas!

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