show # 159

11/15/09 @ Carabar, Columbus OH

Tin Armor

Failures Union

Cheap Girls


Making an album can never happen fast enough. You want it on your doorstep in boxes ready for the world as soon the first song is written for it. We have an installed need for newness. New feels important. We’ll trade quality for newness; for the latest; for the freshest and currently relevant; for the thrill of what we have never felt or what is in some way foreign; for what drips with inspiration but has not been dwelled upon. But don’t be fooled into shouting, “It’s finished!” You may want it worse than anything, but be patient. Do it till it’s done.  Do the record right. The construction process should be one of thoughtful creation, thoughtful review, and then thoughtful revision. It should sound how you want. It should look like what you imagined. Impatience can be relieved. Regret seems to hang around a lot longer. Once something is out, it is out forever.

Waiting for the day of the epic UPS knock caused me tense muscles and loss of sleep but I can honestly say, “Plain Language” is the happiest I have been about a musical project that I am a part of.

The Release show for our new LP made me feel loved and supported by so many people I call friends and respect. We were lost in the songs as we played them. I think that’s the reason I love playing so much. To know my closest friends had a great time made me feel like I finally gave them something they are worthy of. Friends falling, crowd surfing, and singing along.

After the show, Jesse’s little brother caught me with amp in my arms at the car. He told me we do something special. He told me how much he enjoyed seeing what we meant to people. It meant a lot to me that he did. I’ll take it as an actually important form of validation.

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