show # 160

11/17/09 @ The Summit, Columbus OH
Cheater Slicks
Reigning Sound
We had to have a debate about going to this show because we were uncertain if it would be $7 or $10 or $12. The Summit is my least favorite bar to see shows at. It’s too big. The sound dies immediately when it comes off the stage. And, it’s depressing and dark and not all ages. There is sports on too many t.v’s sitting just above eye level.

Austin and I decided we would be mad at ourselves if we skipped seeing The Reigning Sound passing through Cowtown. We sucked it up and paid $8. We are both $5 guys. If everyone pays that at a DIY show, everyone should be taken care of. I guess we could cough up a few extra for a deserving band.

The Reigning Sound looks and sounds like they could be cast as a live band playing in American Graffiti; except the singer. They play Rock ‘n’ Roll dowsed in soul, straight out of the 50’s. We got into them on a Delay tour. Long drives needed something to keep us up.

Memorable songs about heart break and loss poured out of a guy who looks like he would fit as a behind the scenes fan running a living room sized record store. But he is a rocker ladies and gentleman. As far as how they played, they were incredibly even and together, barely missing a beat or a note. They stood pretty still except foot shuffling. The singers gravel voice was the least controlled thing, rattling and strained; like cigarettes and booze and Otis Redding. That is how I wish I could sound sometimes. Real low. His guitar playing was effortless and above average. Their drummer was mechanical and had a face for a Dick Tracy movie. Their bassist looked like he probably rode a Harley. He could have been cast on The Sopranos. I went home wanting to put on shades and sing into a hair brush looking at the mirror with my hair moosed back.


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