show # 161, # 162

11/23/09 @ Monster House, Columbus OH
Letters to the Moon
Old Hundred
Trains Across the Sea
SO, Letters to The Moon, US (me & Lisa) were playing this show under the condition that we could play early because Lisa had to work early to leave for some love adventure or something.  I forgot, or course,  and said we would play last. Then I had to rearrange it so we could play first. Our set was rushed and wrapped up in some frustrated energy. I think it helped us though and when me and Lisa are mad at each other it really doesn’t seem to last longer than 10 minutes.

This show was my first time seeing Old Hundred. Blake, the song writer for the band, was one of the first people I met in Columbus while attending OSU. We met at a dining hall whose specialty was sub sandwiches. I have seen him a lot solo and it was good. But the full band was meant to be. They played soaring indie folk., well crafted and honest.

Klessa are friends from New Paltz, NY. They played inventive, percussive, acoustic music. Bells, accordion, and time signature warps made appearances in our living room. It was a good turn out and I could see people in the living room entranced by their songs. I like witnessing how music can transform people.

Trains Across the Sea are local fiddle folk show-men. Their rowdy stage presence and crowd participation encouragement won me over. I tossed off all inhibitions and danced like an ass, clapping and singing along.

11/28/09 @ 15th House, Columbus OH
Horrible Creeps (Bass overdrive, too many cigs, shouted vocals, fast drums on cymbals set up abnormally high)
Godeater (Lancaster, OH power-violence)
Backslider (Philly, mutilating hardcore)
Nothing is Over (Philly punkhardcore)
I went to this show not for the show but for a person. I said something out loud that could have used another mile of thought. Loud music happened. It was mostly angry and so was I. We all dealt with it immaturely; They just had the advantage of electricity.

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  1. LISA

    You got the story all wrong, but that’s okay. 🙂

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