show # 164

12/1/09 @ The Nude Ranch, Columbus OH

Constance Taylor / Austin Lucas / Mike Hale

I watched Constance while drinking some Stroh’s sitting on the hard wood floor right in front of her. I could feel the ferocity of her banjo slinging tunes. 

Austin Lucas & Mike Hale were on tour from IN and FL. Austin Lucas’ sound is steeped in folk and bluegrass. It makes me think of streams in the coal filled mountains. Appalachia. His voice is so clear and controlled. It is really impressive. It can hit so many notes in a measure, like an accurate yodel. He played a set of sad and solemn folk songs. Dusty explained to me that this guy in a ball cap and cowboy boots singing every word like it was his religion, was a coal miner from WV who called off work to come to the show with his wife and go to Austin’s next two shows as well. Music is salvation for so many. I felt guilty for snickering at the guy’s emotional celebration.

It was a short show cause the other two acts cancelled. I rode bikes back home with my bro and Pat.


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