show # 166

12/10/09 @ Monster House, Columbus OH

Sword Heaven

Butt Batz

Cassie asked Delay to do some karaoke-able covers for her birthday and graduation party. We didn’t get it together. But a new band was formed to serve the evenings purpose; The Butt Batz. Me, R. Star, and Shane.

Preparing for the Butt Batz made me remember the most fun parts of being in a band. It’s playing fast and yelling and jumping up and down. It’s sidelining musicianship for a group effort towards making the floors of the house rattle. It’s also about the thrill of covering The Misfits. Have you had it yet? Don’t judge.

The party was advertised as Cats, Kegs, Quaaludes? Yes, there was a keg but no ‘ludes as far as I know and the one and only cat, Midori, shit on the floor under my bed during Sword Heaven. They scare animals. They were loud as hell with caveman like noise power.

The Butt Batz played covers, 6 to be exact. Sloppily.

Beat on the Brat – The Ramones

Sheena is a Punk Rocker – The Ramones

Attitude – The Misfits

Last Caress – The Misfits

Lithium – Nirvana

There is a Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths

Some people did get up to the “fan mic” and give a good effort. Cassie held her own as our lead singer for most of the time. She completely shredded her voice. It was cute. I was naked mostly, except a leather jacket. Ryan had on shorty shorts and a Nike tank top that said “Bo Knows.” Shane was hamming it up in a tuxedo vest. We were all challenged by alcohol… aren’t we SO COOL?

Afterwards there was a dance party, kind of, upstairs. I remember rolling blissfully on the ground with Cassie rather than dancing, singing Black Flag’s, “T.V Party.” The dance party ended when the line out between the PA and iPod was snapped off by someone, Gulliver, falling on it. Messy. Cassie and Stacie’s birthday humdinger. Cassie is Wendy. We are lost boys. Monster House is never never land.


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2 responses to “show # 166

  1. I love you. Always and forever, I miss my lost boys.

  2. I like to characterize alcohol as a challenge I must overcome. It makes it seem productive.

    That night was built on a foundation of sand/gin.

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