show # 167

12/12/09 @  The King House, Columbus OH

Polycordia (local, Connie singing wandering soul songs)

Constance Taylor

Maryn Jones

Sometimes your friends move away. Do they come back? Do you KIT (keep in touch)? Your 5th grade friend in elementary school. Your high school friend with a military dad. Someone you wish you hung out with more. Your old roommate.

Constance was close to leaving for Oakland, CA. I had to see her veins again, gigantic and bulging from her neck as she sang with the banjo between her knees. Songs full of harsh wit. Greasy mechanic songs of ups downs. I love that song about itchy feet.  Some of us just have to scratch. We got to get out there on the road and chase down love or a feeling close to it. Thanks for the tattoo Constance. Listening to Poison Girls and letting you stab me for 2 hours ruled! Stay beautiful.

Maryn played a so-long set of her sweet tiny songs that sit heavy with heartbreak on me. She is headed south to avoid the winter and all that Columbus slush. I am happy we have been mistaken as siblings. I will miss her adventurous spirit and loud laugh. Casablanca! Best of luck, hugs hugs hugs.


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