show #168, #169

show # 168 12/17/09 @ Legion of Doom, Columbus OH

One touring band. Walked in way too late. Why did they start on time? I was too busy hanging out with someone I just had met. I was at the mercy of having a monumentally expanding crush. What was the bands name?

Show # 169 12/22/09 @ 15th House, Columbus OH

Penis Geyser –

local, offensive noise from seemingly shy boys.

Sea of Shit –

Chicago, perturbed and slamming hardcore, best hardcore band I saw in 09’. Cool enough that I bought a tape with only two songs on it from them.

Socially Retarded –

Unhealthy anger, hardcore from Chicago. I liked that the lead singer was wearing a sweater that looked like one my Grammy bought me from the GAP.

Biff Boff Barf  –

Stoner noise, like watching the dog eat the cat’s poop. This set Feat. Lancaster import and rapper extraordinaire, the JZA on bass. I loved watching him play in his baggy unzipped hoodie. His friends were picking him up while he stayed drunkenly focused. Columbus is chock full of lovable screw balls. I think I might be one sometimes.

I went to a show again because I was bored. Because I wanted to waste my time. Because I’m tricking the world and staying young. Because you never know what could happen.

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  1. local, offensive noise from seemingly shy boys.

    offensive to ears maybe, but not in any other way, that i’m aware of.

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