show #170

show # 170 12/26/09 @ Skull Alley, Louisville KY


Eat This Mckinley

Imperial Can


‘Delay Birds Fly South’ tour was made possible by the full size Tin Armor van. We rented it from them for the 5 day stint. I’m not accustomed to so much personal space, but I made do; sprawling out on the back bench, reading Flannery O’Connor and falling asleep.

Louisville, KY has always been a place for us with many friends. The holiday feeling of hugging many people simultaneously that you only kinda know continued- except, these weren’t relatives. They were friends we had played capture the flag with, or sardines, or played in the public fountain with until the cops made us leave, or climbed to the top of the abandoned ice factory with.

Skull Alley is an all ages venue for all types of independent bands. I wish we had something like it where I was grown. I probably would have spent less time liking crappy bands. Before the show, we hiked to the bar district for falafel. I wasn’t hungry so I sat and watched Bollywood music videos. So much better than MTV.

Tints is a new Louisville band drawing their influence from late 90’s emo punk. They probably all have Braid and Cap n Jazz records in their collections. The vocals could use more variation in range and delivery so that it goes beyond a sound and creates memorable songs. I hope to see them keep playing.

Eat this Mckinley was a comedy act / reunion show. It was a home for the holidays set. Their friends came to watch them goof around on some old electrified folk-punk tunes and then left. I played my first ever solo show with them in Columbus (it was bad) and once their singer toured with Delay for a few days, including a van break down day.

Pat gave his bass playing debut in Imperial Can to add bottom to their adolescent, the-world-is-fucked punk rock.

I think we played well. My voice cracked once very audibly. I thought 25 would put me past those embarrassing days.

After the show, we needed to congregate somewhere. We went for cheap late night life at Spinellis. We had lots of dough with some sauce. I sat with Jerry and Troy to try and convince them to move to Columbus.


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