show #171

Show # 171 12/27/09 @ Poison Lawn, Knoxville TN

Hulga Joy / Dude Fuckin’ Whatever / Imperial Can  / Delay

Amanda’s mom made us biscuits and gravy for breakfast. It tasted downright homey and American with the coffee chasing after it. Frankie, Jared, Jake, Casey, all came over and we all hung out in the Coca-Cola kitchen laughing together. Jared put in a pony tail, put on a ball cap, put on shades, and held up his coffee mug. He looked like a former professional pitcher dad. We had a discussion about “frenching,” a.k.a, kissing with the tongue.

We soon drove off to Knoxville, TN with a much fuller van seeing that Imperial Can and the Plan-it-X distro joined us. The drive seemed long because it got dark as we drove. We passed a massive roadside fireworks store with a mini Ferris wheel outside of it. Before my musical experience in Tennessee, my only time spent in the state was dedicated to minor explosives. This was our first time to Knoxville in over two years; second time ever. The first time was the last day of a month tour. We were exhausted but somehow mustered up the energy to play kickball, drink tons of pop, and then play a set. I remember lying dog tired on the shag carpet floor of Baby D’s (booked the show) house after all the action settled.

The Poison Lawn is a punk complex on a back road 5 miles out of the city. Poison Lawn was a grocery store. It came into being because, “You know that band Life Crisis? Well the guy moved here for some unknown reason from California and bought this place. It was unlivable when he did. He fixed it up and made a show space out of it and rents it all out.”

The turn-out was awesome. I like Knoxville for reasons I like Ohio. Usually, no one has any reason to be snotty or pretentious about where they are from. Laid back, feet on the ground kids who welcome you. Two kids ran to the show. They rocked out in long-johns and running shoes. Seems like something I should do soon. People danced and jumped on each other. Jesse’s drums got completely knocked over mid song. I said, “It’s sweet that people are dancing… but you know what that leads to? Sex! Thank Elvis for that. The Pelvis. It’s sooo wrong but it feels so good to shake it.”

After the show, we went to the closest grocery store and I kept taking pictures of everyone with products they liked. Me with pickels. I love goofing around in the lighted isles of grocery land. Austin and I were always misbehaved boys at the store and it hasn’t changed.

We stayed at Baby D’s and Cheyenne and Jamie made us Sweet Potato burritos baked in the oven. I did some “Pilates” with Chris and then we fell asleep.


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