show # 172

12/28/09 @ Wonderroot, Atlanta GA

Trench Party / Last Year’s Men / Imperial Can / Delay

Wonderroot is an organized community center. Zine library, studio, darkroom, pottery room, meeting room w/ projector, kitchen. They have art shows upstairs and live shows happen in a more than adequate basement space with a functional PA you can actually hear! There is back door load in from a parking lot and a little bar. It’s a $10 a month membership for access to the space and its resources. I heard some kids say before the show, “We all need to buy guns if we move into this neighborhood.” It seemed alright to me.

Trench Party (local) was one brave loony soul, singing political pop over a boom box with a mic up against it. He fell a lot and lost his glasses a lot.

Last Year’s Men were actually strappingly handsome Teen Tiger Beat boys from NC. They were a two piece, clamoring out catchy-garage “Oh girl” and “Oh my baby” type, indie rock songs. They are onto something good. I think they could use more band members to fill out their clever pop songs. At least two says Jesse.

Imperial Can got everyone wound up into having fun. Our set was fun too. I unplugged myself trying to dance my butt onto a guy interrupting live action energy by getting into a sport’s photographers crouch and taking a lot of photos. A kid head banged a full head of hair right behind me for a full song. I felt his hair on my shoulder as I played. A kid announced that the former Moreland House guys couldn’t come to the show because they ODed on pizza. I messed up “THE solo” on our song, Voicemail. We stayed with Stuart and Rachel in an awesome warehouse apt. with a cute kitty. The cement floor was hard on my bones but it wasn’t anything new.


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