show # 173

12/29/09 @ The Hangar, Athens GA


We woke up for a LUNCH SPECIAL. Those are magic words. We ate tons of Chinese food for cheap and then drove off for Athens GA.

The first time we went to Athens, GA was around 2 years ago to play at 666 Pulaski (real address). It was a punk house right by train tracks that had been through a few hands. Two boys were passed out together on a couch when we walked in the disheveled living room. The bathroom was out of TP and we wiped with coffee filters. We were welcomed and I was lent a bike to explore town. It was my first time seeing the inviting Southern town covered in that strange ivy that adorns the cover of R.E.M’s album, Murmur.

I was shocked badly during our set grabbing an ungrounded mic stand in a garage with mulch as the floor. I was in love (I have often thought) with a girl who had dark boy eyebrows, a summery olive glow, and an affinity for studying reptiles. I stayed up late with Drunken Boat (very sloppy set, and very late) and Meredith (told me a drawn out Gorilla Biscuits story) and ate fries at a diner and danced briefly at some college bar. I remember my mouth stung and felt sugar coated from multiple Rockstar energy drinks that Brian (booked the show) had stolen off a truck at a street fair.

The next day we ate dumpstered donuts and Jesse, Me, and Dave Commons climbed an old water tower.

On this trip, we must have carried cold in our jacket pockets. After browsing the awesome comic and record stores in town, we walked a familiar street with breath clouds in front of us. Pulaski street. The quaint houses sat back off the street with actual driveways leading up small hills to gently lit windows. Winter stars spotted the sky. We had stew at Clancy’s (Witches, booked the show) and then walked the train tracks to The Hangar: A fenced in complex of sorts- 2 small buildings- a cement lot with grass and weeds breaking through- wood and bike pieces scattered around. Shows happen in an actual Hangar. It’s a toaster in Summer and an ice box in Winter. A wood burning stove made from welded supplies found on the tracks was the only heat source aside from bodies as they arrived.

Theo (Nana Grizzol, Defiance, Ohio) began the show with a solo set. He is the fraternal twin of bland. His songs are made of elastic hope. They are alive.

Imperial Can played punkly even though Pat had ralphed from a bad reaction to Chinese food. Maybe that made them more punk.

Our set went well though my hands were swollen with cold. My fingers all felt like thumbs. I think we were pretty on the mark.

Locals Witches played last and it was the first time I laid ears on some of their new material. SO good. They are haunting songs with distant sounding pop hooks that surprise you and go to your spine.

After the show, a Christmas tree was burned with the help of gasoline flung on it from a cup. It was said to be for the 5th day of Kwanza. I will say it was just for the sake of fire. I wish I would have met some more people though familiar faces provided good companionship for the night.


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