even the non-bearded

*This is one of two poems I submitted for Matt Czerwinski’s latest installment of his zine series entitled EFFIGY. The 7th issue is a submissions issue that also includes a lot of his punk poetry. I will have copies to share soon.

Everyday, I will decide one person I talk to is Jesus
Finally back on dirt; round and normal. A few less
Pounds in the face to notice (or not); closed toe shoes,
A haircut, measly 5 Oh Clock shadow like some Halloween pirate
Or shaven clean like a wedding day groom. Could be a lady even.
I will improve my listening skills expecting
Parable words, valuable like scrolls unscrolling.
The gas station clerk who said, “Careful out there on the road, Yaw’ll,”
Was hinting at a much bigger road. The acquaintance who said, “Take care,”
Meant, “You’re a Sheppard. Learn to wrap a sheep cast.”
Come-back Jesus. Number 45. All he/she says will be
Of the utmost importance and I may be Jonas-ed into relaying
It or advised to store it for my own (long term) good; even if it
Sounds like nonsense or fervor.  My attention span will grow
From post-it-note limits to biblical lengths, with wisdom bounding
Like a Doctor Seuss drawing.

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