I wrote and illustrated a Children’s book in 2008. Pat, Dave, Jessica, Kari, Austin are all to thank for it actually happening. I sent it to two publishers and was kindly rejected in overly formal, generic letters. I have been encouraged by family members often to really make something of this and now, like most of my generation, I will post my efforts on a blog for free. What a waste. Please share with friends, your kids (if you have any), or a classroom if you are brave enough to currently be an educator. Much love. RYAN J.

The Hug Monster Lives Under My Bed

Copyright, Ryan, 2008, me, okay? Do you want to publish it?


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3 responses to “MY CHILDREN’S BOOK

  1. pat

    looks good ryan! now we have to make the real version!


    we should put this out on monster house press…

  3. hey ryan, long time no talk, its dumps. just read your childrens story, really great man! keep shooting with this one. its really something special. ❤

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