song of the week kicks off!

I have decided to post one killer song, by my standards, per week on this here blog. There will be no system for choosing or a theme. Just good songs I’ve stumbled on through going to shows, friends, my job that allows me access to free CDs (public library), or from the damned internet him/herself. I foresee a weird little clump of songs; like 9 roomates hair clogging the same shower drain. Think of it as Ryan J. Radio playing only one song for 7 days… or as someone laxidasically compiling a mix tape (most definitely for a 90 min. cassette, cause that means LUV baby). Brace yourself.

Here is a pop song with teeth. This song is off of Vacation’s (Cincinnati, OH) new 6 song cassette, “Better Days.” I copied the song, “People Watching,” right from their blog cause it is my favorite on the tape.


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