I decided to award fans of this blog (if such a thing exists) an unbeatable 2 for 1 deal. Really this deal comes from neglect. I was busy wrapping up my part in the planning of Berea Fest and then I attended the sixth year of the event. Exhausted from it all, I had no choice but to skip a SONG OF THE WEEK. But alas, now I have the opportunity to share two songs as a kiss-and-make-up from the recently released full length by Columbus, Ohio’s own Tin Armor entitled, ‘Life of Abundance.’ On their sophomore release, the band has steered away from the driving power-pop tunes that make up the better part of their first full length, ‘A Better Place Than I Have Been’ (2007 One Percent Press). The energy is still there but it’s refined; spent more wisely. Rather than blasting through a sub two minute song with a few hooks, these songs are crafted and fully developed. Along with the addition of guitarist/singer John Umland, ‘Life of Abundance’ boasts a number of tracks structured around Matt Umland’s organ playing, revealing a more subdued side of Tin Armor. Something timeless rises from this sound along with the bass and drums offering up deep and rich textures through out. The wider variance in tempo and rhythm make for a shifting listening landscape that is captivating start to finish. The title track is like a hymn for derailed christians in to weed. The upbeat ‘Wayward Kites’ is a driving indie rock hit for those who remember it’s fun to dance. Patient listeners are awarded proof on ‘Indoor Days’ that you can mature musically and still rock. John Umland whales over everything like someone who tripped over their parents old records (Probably containing The Band, Creedence, Clapton). This could be good listening at age 26 and again at age 60 if I make it that far. Sounds rigid in description but it’s pretty seamless.

I am a big fan of the melodies in these two songs I have posted. They are powerful and passionate; controlled but not boring. They are my two personal favorites on the album, one from each Umland brother, coincidentally the same length. Enjoy. These guys are good friends and I have been lucky to see them play often. Catch them on tour now or in Ohio sometime. Don’t ask them to play Wednesday nite though; it’s reserved for D & D. Pay what you wish for ‘Life of Abundance’ HERE. 1) WAYWARD KITES 2) INDOOR DAYS

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