On a routine flyer posting stop at Used Kids Records (Monday nite %20 off used vinyl), I saw a hand sharpied flyer on the door that read; “Joe Jack Talcum of Dead Milkmen-In store-6:30pm-All Ages-Free.” I put up a few more flyers around town, had some Buckeye Donuts fries and went back for the performance. It’s always strange seeing any type of musical icon when you haven’t seen them perform in that which made them famous. It’s like someone claiming Jesus has come back. Half the people go just to gawk. Another few because they feel like they should. Everyone is “familiar” with the work but really know only the hit songs/verses. Is it still relevant?? Check the scripture of the blogs… Famous in punk terms means at least five people you didn’t grow up with know who it is and you may have bought their greatest hits from a corporate record store chain with a $20 gift certificate you got for a birthday. Anyhow, Joe Jack was dark eyed, dark humored and still toting an unmistakably distinct voice. He did a few solo songs and a few Milkmen classics. All in all I was entertained. On a solo song he sang to a cat; letting it know that THIS is a guitar. He seemed very, very serious in said cat song. Here’s one of my favorites showing Dead Milkmen not joking so much. I WALK THE THINNEST LINE. We all are three steps from losing our minds.

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