Getting into punk, you hear about Husker Du being important. It takes a personal epiphany to realize it’s true. I remember buying a live album of theirs in high school from “The Exchange” (a chain meant to seem like it has cred) and the dude working kind of made fun of me. Then someone put it on a mix for me in college and I was like, “What’s with this recording? The guitar sounds TOO FUZZZzzY!” Then I got cooler (Meaning, exposed to more music and recording techniques not found on radio). Zen Arcade first hit me hanging out at 11 Forbes in Worcester, MA. It was blasting through the huge co-op house; roaring over the wooden floors; disrupting the bulk foods. It was something powerful. It has been in high rotation for me over the last year. It takes a listener so many places. Punk / Hardcore / Indie / Experimental / Noise / Pop. In every sense it is raw. When I listen to Zen Arcade and imagine the band playing the songs live, it gives me chills. If you want to have your mental/emotional state changed by music, let this one play loud. Here is one of my favorites from it. MASOCHISM WORLD.


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