Last nite I saw Anna Ranger perform at Chop Chop Gallery as a trio. The set was one of my favorite performances I’ve seen locally in a long time. I am surprised this band is not more popular. The band is currently Nathan Snell (Nathan Snell & the Country Sound/Vox/Guitar), Philip Park (You’re So Bossy/Bass) and Sam Brown (V-3, New Bomb Turks, You’re So Bossy/Drums).

Their sound as a band is like a diary entry about your unrequited love edited one million times. It’s crafted angst. Nothing sounds reactionary. It’s clever, cool and somewhat cold. Nathan could be counted as a brooder and a crooner, his straight calm voice cutting through easily, providing memorable melodies. Solid drums maintain all the way through and the bass makes you want to dance without yelling for attention.

This track is an old Nathan only, all electro version of the song, “Honey Come Back I Want to Screw.” I look forward to hearing a new record from this current trio. From what I heard, Anna Ranger has come a long way from drunkenly covering an extended version of The Ramones, “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” to full band pop songs for people who love to dance while feeling sorry for themselves.


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