I saw a band a few nites ago at a prestigeous venue. They were all accomplished musicians playing many, many notes very, very rapidly. It was wordly music; as in borrowed from another world (I called it “Paul Simoning it”) and dressed up in hipper clothing. Everyone in the band probably went to Juilliard. I was impressed but I was not moved. I did not want to dance. I did not want to sing. What I wanted was feeling. Give me charachter and yes, I’ll say it, give me some good ole’, trampled American heart. I forgot about this sub-minute song until the other day; then I listened to it four times in a row just for the way he says “…Love shades” and then later goes “…oh ouhhhhh.” Four chords and some feeling for some past infatuation. Here is Ryan Starinsky with “Heart Shaped Glasses.” It is noted by recording artist Time and Temperature that Marilyn Manson also has a song with the same title.

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