Emotional driving session onset by music I loved in high school? Why the fuck not. I always liked Osker because they were an emo-punk band that didn’t sound completely pathetic. It was dangerous to admit to liking “emo” in school hallways where studded belts scraped the lockers and Rancid shirts were the order of the day. Osker managed a fast and angry enough sound to barely avoid the silly label and pass punk police inspection. The nasally, kinda flat, angst slammed vocals drive Idle Will Kill. The self deprecating, reactionary relationship lyrics make it too sweet and too cathartic to resist revisiting from time to time. This song caught me by surprise because of the tempo changes that move the song along. At times, the lyrics and melody almost get complex; something they could hold above a lot of their contemporaries. A couple aggro parts and a breakdown keep the old feelings coming. I almost/maybe cried when my Dad wouldn’t let me and my brother borrow the car to go see this band in downtown Cleveland sometime around 9th grade. Never saw them. They broke up and have a weird cult following of people who always feel like someone just broke up with them. It was a blast from awhile back and a nice reminder to like what you like, no matter what people wanna call it. Get sad with ANIMAL.


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