Here is the song Sugarcoated off the most recent Landlord release, Beneath The Wheel (Recess Records 2011). I’ve always been a fan of this Bloomington,IN/Athens,GA based band but this release is certainly my favorite of theirs to date. Landlord’s music has always been easy for me to pick out. They have a distinct sound to my ear. On this release though, it is more than just that sound; the songs are more memorable; each in their own way. They do all the right things righter meaning; more hooks, great guitar leads, fuzzed out bass making your neck groove, a greater variance in tempo and drums that make you want to air drum along… nothing too flashy. I like this noisy number because it is driving and dynamic. I first heard this song live in Athens, OH at The Union and at the first drop out and set of “Oo-ooo-o-o-o-o’s” I was like, god damn, this is a rock band I can get behind. If you like the genuine sounds of Midwestern punk, give a listen to this less limited version of it. It’s laid back but still rocks. It’s stoned and listening to classic rock and some obscure garage pop with reverby vocals. It’s lo-fi recording at it’s finest and I have only gotten more into it with each subsequent listen.

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  1. matte c

    hot damn! thanx doggy.

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