Last, The first Saintseneca full length presents the Columbus, OH based band a step beyond their lo-fi indie-folk demo days. The songs, all acoustic, have a studio big quality and in this become arguably more memorable than their earlier work. All the sounds are within any music listener’s grasp. Purists and 8 track die-hards may need a few listens to adjust ears to a more polished sound, but from my stand point, it does not hurt this band because of the strength in each song. At no moment do I feel a need to skip.
Eric Cronstein, operator of The Tone Shoppe, was behind the boards for this album and mentioned that he thought Last blows by like a punk album. I agree; nothing drags and it hits hard. However, there’s a depth and intelligence within the rich lyrics of harsh, theological skepticism that most punk albums could never shoulder up to. The vocal leads display melodies that are never a cop out. The harmonies are close to flawless and full in a way that is never distracting.
Subtle; yet a driving force in the music is Saintseneca’s ability to play with rhythm in a way that breaks out of monotonous, played out, indie-folk go to devices often heard on NPR; edgeless and predictable. Their attention to rhythm and tempo is fresh sounding; creative and stimulating.
Don’t say it’s folk punk. Don’t say it sounds like Neutral Milk Hotel. That type of review is much too short sighted. From the album art, created by singer/songwriter of Saintseneca Zac Little, to the final line (you can listen for yourself), this is an album I’ve enjoyed again and again, earning a spot amongst my top three favorite releases in 2011. Here is Blood Drawing.

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