Shonen Knife! This band makes me feel like I just saw a freaky rainbow explosion commercial for a cereal I really wanted and then immediately got to eat! Instant gratification! There’s lots of sugar (and it’s fortified with calci-YUM). You can like Shonen Knife because Kurtd Cobain told you to but I’m not that easy. I like Shonen Knife because cool girls told me to! I’m realizing this band makes me want to abuse the exclamation point!(!!!!) Anyway, this band is clever, cheeky and funny in a language that is not theirs from birth. They maintain memorable buzz pop songs on each album I’ve heard and although it’s cute, it’s never a barf-o-rama of lameness. There are hooks and attitude. Sass and sweet riffs. It is rough around the edges and totally accessible because you can hear the fun in it. This song comes from their album 712. It’s a song for all Mondays, forever… or really any day you have to go to work or do bullshit you don’t want to do. I don’t want to flatter silly people! I want to sing along with Shonen Knife! It’s always appropriate.

This message endorsed by Time and Temperature
and The Boy Who Could Fly


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