After dwelling in Columbus for a handful of years, something that is new and also good can sneak by a narrowed view of what it means to exist in said place. Bleak? A little. I guess there is something bleak in human routine and the limits we put up for comfort’s sake. Aside from that, it’s easy to doubt any self proclaimed municipal PROGRESS here. There’s a new Hilton hotel for assholes to come stay at while they decide what to bulldoze next. New condos rise to entice exclusive downtown living. OSU is the hungriest giant known to man. Apparently, the mayor likes bikes. He might have a fixed gear. Someone is snow-blowing money into someones pocket(s) to see just how far the Short North can stretch while E. Main St. and it’s history earn window sized slabs of plywood.
It will be small new things; secret new things that we must find hope in. Aside from some good company, these secrets seem to define Midwestern charm and keep us. A new special on vegan pizza or hot dogs, a happy hour deal, cheaper records, a new summer swim spot, a place with real trees. In this case and on behalf of this blog, I am going to be excited about a new(ish) band.
NERVOSAS. This 2011 born Columbus trio gives an obvious nod to punk classics but skips a total rehashing of them. Is it in their shit kicking combat boots? Their rebellious haircuts? No! There’s more! With three members who have all done time in a list of Columbus underground and/or indie bands of varying genre, the fresh collaboration yields driving, neurotic and angsty songs that hold their own. Shattered melodies sound like they’re almost escaping from the constant, down strum pace. The guitar goes heavy on the chorus pedal with slicing leads. Now, I can be all for a sloppy beer drippin’ heart spillin’ band that can barely stand, but there is something refreshing about Nervosas delivery. They are precise. They are rehearsed. They are one unit executing hits together. Overly sober. They seem almost paranoid while playing. You can see the knots in their tense shoulders tightening. I am excited about this band. Maybe someone will actually give recognition to a Columbus punk band that is NOT New Bomb Turks. No offense. I just know they were from here and that everything was better then, of course. Check Nervosas out soon before Columbus Alive gives them a misleading review. Download / PWYW pay what you want

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