Do you know where Halifax, Nova Scotia is on a map? It’s way up there. I haven’t thought about it too much. I think the American government tries very hard to keep Canada off of our radar because they do so many things better than us. We may also end up spending money there if we know too much (or draft dodge). Looking it up online makes me realize how bad my geography is and how big the Earth is. It is so big, it’s hiding this band from most of us in a northerly port! This song prompted me to ask my inner self, “Can you surf in Nova Scotia?” (Yes you can! Thanks for showing me youtube) Is it the soaring falsetto lead vocal reminiscent of Brian Wilson and his buds that makes me think of surfing? The reverb splash? Let me clarify; I’m not thinking exactly of the physical act of surfing with this song- I’m more like, channeling an urge to just float around on a surfboard. Catching a swell if you will; no sporty, beach glorified culture type hang ten in sight. I’ll have a walkman with this song on a tape. It will come on and I will visibly find the mellow but steady groove to enjoy life too. You won’t be able to tell if I’m asleep because I’ll have sun glasses on (I’m not). Maybe I’ll have a huge joint behind my ear and since I’m just floating and not planning on shredding or getting wet, I could probably get to that mini-verde-burrito later while watching the sun depart. I’ll be thinking, damn… the ocean is endlessss. I don’t need to note the irony of a laid back rocker like this being about anxiety. I’m calmed by this song but as an anxious person, happy to be stimulated by it.

I get sick of people saying things are NINETIES. OMG the nineties are back… The nineties are not back/won’t be back. People who grew up in the nineties may have bands and you might recognize some underground mile-markers they have passed. Seems normal. If the nineties are back, I’d prefer it to mean independent bands are making good music. I’d prefer those bands put a new spin on things and keep it independent. My report is that Cousins are 2012 fresh, collecting laid back sounds of indie rock that set you up for a good float. Catch COUSINS APRIL 17th @ CAFE BOURBON STREET, Columbus OH.


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  1. leanne

    ryan, live the dream in halifax and do a residency. it’s one of the best things i’ve ever done:

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