Madeline is one of the best song writers I have had the opportunity to book a show for. Start anywhere you want in her discography (if you haven’t already) and I think you will find songs you like. You will be won over by her signature smooth and sweet delivery that evolves simply, taking melodies on surprise journeys. The growth in her work proves that she’s made a serious investment in being a musician.

A question that comes up often when people hear Madeline is, “Why isn’t she bigger?” Fair question.

Her first label release came on the contract-less punk-purist label Plan-it-X Records (Bloomington, IN). I think I first found out about her music when her CD sat in an open suitcase distro (all CDs $5) amongst the rest of the often-on-the-road label’s catalog at a Ghost Mice show in Ohio. After Plan-it-X, Madeline released with Orange Twin (Athens, GA label and intentional village). Though both labels brought her into a class of buzzed about bands, if you didn’t see her on tour playing small/DIY venues (at times exclusive and hard to find out about) or stumble upon her records at an independent store or online, you’d be likely to miss her. I think she might be perfectly comfortable flying under the radar and releasing on smaller labels. In doing so, she has maintained a respectable amount of independence in her approach to music and as a result has connected with her fans genuinely.

Here is an older song that I could see a young couple choosing as their song without realizing that a bleak and unhealthy relationship flourishes in the verses. That chorus just sits right and the way she sings it is warm and safe, trusting even. Home To Me appears on 2003’s split with The Dead Bird. I believe it was initially self-released. Her latest release Black Velvet (This Will Be Our Summer) is well worth purchasing. Her twitter says she is currently pursuing a teenaged dream of art school. I hope to see her tour again with diploma in guitar case.

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