Used Kids Records is a shimmering gem in the grey slab called Columbus. You find their door somewhere between Wendy’s and McDonald’s on High Street. You walk up some steps, pass a gazillion haphazardly tacked up flyers (maybe three you’ll care about) and enter a world of almost organized bliss. If you’ve got a day and you love music, I mean truly love it; visit those old bins resting on top of stacked cinder blocks and finger your way to a good find. Funny thing is, you may find the same find at a different price depending on what part of the store you are looking in. Count on good music playing in the background and real people working who aren’t trying to shove a thing on you. Used Kids is for the people. They carry locals. They pay cash for used stuff and wholesale to touring or Columbus bands. The store depends on you to supply some decent stuff, and while you’re at it, buy that copy of Prince’s Dirty Minds or Metallica’s Master of Puppets you’ve wanted on vinyl.  Used Kids echos the name of every true rocker to ever live in Columbus’ gritty grip.

I went up on Saturday for Jeffery Fernengel’s release of his latest album entitled I Like To Draw Sharks. It was an intimate, 7pm gathering of friends. A couple of people even came with their new-born kids. I felt like I lived in a real place. A place people stay in. A place outside of college / Midwestern transience. Some might say the word home here.

Sideline musical training. I doubt he was in church choir. What Jeff offers is stripped down, earnest hilarity. The songs lean towards juvenile but they manage to be pretty catchy as well. Yeah, Jeff can’t play a Stevie Ray Vaughan esque solo… but Stevie Ray couldn’t do a Jeffery Fernengel cover a wink of justice, even if he was living. Jeff’s clever. He’s sincere. He plays with a guy who does flawless harmonies and could be in a Hollywood film. I’ll take a CDR with photo copied insert for $2. Of course. Do I look like an asshole? Thanks for the beer Jeff.

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