Poetry tour 2012 Richard Wehrenberg, Jr. / Ryan J.

COLUMBUS OH * FRI OCT 5 @ 539 E. Town St. (Rear) w/ James Payne, Tara Jay, Alex Mussawir 9pm free, featuring the Cheapo Beer Smorgasbord. Pay what you want for a drink to help us with some gas $$



CHILCAGO IL * SUN OCT 7 @ Jim Joyce’s w/ Matt Whispers, Nicki Yowell, Collin Brennan, Jim Joyce 8pm $3-5 Donation$


MINNEAPOLIS MN*MON OCT 8 @ 3022 Chicago Ave South w/ The Velveteens, In Boil, & Diva 93 7pm Donation$

MILWAUKEE WI * TUES OCT 9 @ People’s Books Cooperative 804 E Center St w/ Fly Steffans, Cynthia Spencer, Chelsea Tadeyeske, Jessica Baumann 7pm $5


INDIANAPOLIS IN * WED OCT 10 – @ Indy Reads Books 911 Massachusetts Ave w/ Christopher Newgent, Wendy Lee Spacek, Benjamin Bernthal 7pm Donation$


PITTSBURGH PA * THURS OCT 11 @ Cyberpunk Apocalypse 1200 Boyle St enter in the back w/ Max Wheeler, Laura Brun 7pm Donation$


WASHINGTON D.C * FRI OCT 12 @ 1408 Crittenden St. NW w/ David Combs, TBA 7pm Donation$


BROOKLYN NY * SAT OCT 13 @ 41 Varick Ave w/ Paco Buenasnoches, Gabby Mattis, Andrew Worthington, Ashley Bayer 7pm donation$


ALLSTON (Boston) MA * SUN OCT 14 @ a record playing partayyy, 6 Alcott St. 6pm


ORONO ME * MON OCT 15 @ Nick’s living room, 8 Pinewood St 6pm Donation$

MONTREAL QC * TUES OCT 16 @ 322 Galt (Verdun) 8pm Donation$

TORNTO ON * WED OCT 17 @ The Toronto Zine Library (Tranzac Club’s Tiki Room) 292 Brunswick Ave. M5S 2M7 7pm Donation$


CLEVELAND OH * THURS OCT 18 @ Visible Voice 1023 Kenilworth w/ Brianna Ries 7pm Donation$


*photo cred. Lisa Dorazewski


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