This is a mix of some songs that struck me well in 2012. A lot come from bands that we (Delay) played with on tour. Some come from bands that I went out to see or booked in Columbus who gave memorable performances. A couple come from lot’s of time on the road with just a handful of CDs and iPods that hardly held enough for a drive to Cleveland and back. If I had a record label, I’d call it DEMO DITCH. It would house rare tracks from the underground and DIY music community. It would be a place to put bands with only one CDR or tape that sat in a shoebox that you didn’t realize was so great when you got it in trade. It would pump up current bands that I think are interesting and maybe overlooked. That’s what I want this tape to do. If you’d like me to mail you an actual tape or if your band wishes to be removed, get in touch. Enjoy.

////SIDE A
1.GOLDEN CLOUDS – Untitled (Brooklyn NY)
2.TECHNICOLOR TEETH – Crystalline (Appleton WI)
3.TARRED AND FEATHERED – Hot Pants (Greenville SC)
4.SECRET LOVER – Cynthia (Worcester MA)
5.PURPLE 7 – Poison Ivy (Bloomington IN)
6.THE VELVETEENS – Cico (Minneapolis MN)
7.HEAT DUST – Thick Distance (New Orleans LA)
8.BABY GHOSTS – The Ghost Next Door (Provo/Salt Lake City Utah)
9.TOYS THAT KILL – Ape Me (San Pedro CA)
10.FEVER NEST – Harsh Gas (Columbus OH)
11.BEST FRIENDS – Whatever Goes Upon Two Legs is an Enemy (Columbus OH)
12.FULL ON DWEEB – ? (Bay area CA)
13.JEFFERY FERNEGEL – Octopus Pills (Columbus OH)
14.THE BOY WHO COULD FLY – The Basement (Bloomington IN)
\\\\SIDE B
1.FROZEN TEENS – Kasota (Minneapolis MN)
2.RINGERS – Hurry Up and Wait (Boston MA)
3.TENEMENT – Perverse Universe (Appleton WI)
4.NASTY HABIT – Dog Bite (Columbus OH)
5.BAND NAME – King of Surfers (Philadelphia PA)
6.THE SIDEKICKS – Peacock (Columbus OH)
7.TIN ARMOR – The State of Things (Columbus OH)
8.SAINTSENECA – Mallwalker (Columbus OH)
9.EL JESUS DE MAGICO – Camelot V (Columbus OH)
10.SHAVER – Mental Convict (Columbus OH)
11.PRETTY PRETTY – Like Antiques (Columbus OH)

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