Blue Friction began humbly with a group of songs I’d written in need of a home. I situated them onto a Tascam 4 track in the Winter of 2010 and early 2011 when I lived on Forsythe Ave., a quiet street between campus crap and the sky-high rent of Vicotrian Village in Columbus, OH. Sorry to my neighbor for yelping and strumming at all hours of the day/night. Your dog evened things up though.  I play/sing everything on the recording. It was done with 1 microphone in a bedroom, kitchen or the bathroom. I played one shakey solo set on acoustic guitar through an aiwa boombox belonging to a friend. I hadn’t asked to use it, resulting in bad luck for a year.
Blue Friction has become a two person cult featuring Leslie Shimizu and I. We’ve played one open mic night at Shrunken Head. We are in the soul searching stage of the band. For now, HERE is some free music. Released 09 February 2013


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