show # 127

9/4/09 Columbus, OH @ Monster House

Fellow Project


Lovely Eggs

Cars Can Be Blue


Anytime we get a chance to host a non U.S band at the house, I get excited to an extra degree. Our house becomes an international point for art and culture in the humble Midwestern melting pot that is Columbus, Ohio. Call me an idealist. In this case, the U.K’s Lovely Eggs made the night a smashing good time. They were a two piece, drums / guitar and some random toy instruments. It was simple, ridiculously overboard, cheeky pop. It was obnoxiously entrancing. It was playful like the bad kid in kindergarten. Their songs were clever and hilarious. They sang a song about wanting to get in a bike accident on the way to work because in their home when that happened to a friend, she got a paid “holiday” and pain killing drugs that caused good feelings. The front womyn was fearless and had an immeasurable amount of stage presence. She was a hellion, prancing around in cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat. She sang and shrieked and grabbed her crotch like a ball player except harder and more sexually. She gave no extra thought to it. I was shy to watch her power. The entire basement was laughing deeply at the theatrics. One of the most enjoyable performances I’ve seen at Monster House.

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